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Pictures from L.A. Trip to Jefferson Church

More pictures will come, but here is a little snapshot of what some of our high schoolers, young marrieds and other FBCers were up to this weekend at the Jefferson Church in Los Angeles. Thank you to Stephany Perez for taking all of these!

On Sunday morning, everyone worked together to help put on a church service, complete with two sermons (one in English by Jimmy, another in Spanish by Danny), music and childcare.


Afterward, some worked on the mural on the outside of the building, while others went out to hand out fliers for the toy sale/dinner on Sunday night.

Later that night, the team served dinner, helped with the toy sale and continued to work on the mural. The turnout was even bigger than expected! Praise God!

Everyone at the end of the night in front of the mural:

And here’s a brief video of the mural.