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Hit the Mute button

Why did it go silent?

Hit the Mute buttonAfter four days of non-stop blogging, you may be wondering what happened? Did our new experiment fail? Have our writers already burned out? Is no one reading this but me??

And the answer is… No. In this last week, there has already been more traffic to the site than in its entire history. One of the posts from this week has already taken the place of “Most popular post of all time at the FBC Blog!” I won’t tell you which – you’ll just have to guess.

And we’re just getting started! But for the next couple days, we’re going to take a hiatus. Our current plan is to publish new content from Monday to Thursday of every week. Then we’ll typically go silent from Friday to Sunday.

Occasionally (like today), we’ll violate that, but in general, you should be looking on Mondays for a new post. And you’ll typically find one a day, Monday thru Thursday, assuming all our writers stay on top of their game.

So have a great weekend. See you at church and check back Monday!!

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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