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Religion in America

As I was preparing for a class on mainline American denominations during the last round of Equipping Hour classes, I came across a very interesting resource online.  Put together by Valparaiso University’s Department of Geography & Metereology, their maps display nationwide denominational leanings.  The choropleth maps they’ve published draw from U.S. Census data taken in 2000 and show religious affiliation at the county-wide level.  Where are the Baptists strong? (the South)  the Lutherans? (northern midwest) the  Mormons?  (any guesses?)  You can even see which communities have the strongest concentrations of muslims or jews.  The maps are very interesting & intriguing!  As is the ‘Religious Adherents’ map, which shows the Northwest (Northern California, Oregon & Washington) to be the most spiritually void of the whole United States.

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Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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