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After a Brief Respite…

Occassionally, life gets so consumed that certain things get put off.  That happened briefly with the content here, and then I found myself putting it off.  I had a list of string of things holiday-related to post about and now mid-January, it seems a bit late for that…

With Steve Mulkey and I both gone for the holidays, the sermon archives fell woefully out of date.  Monday was spent getting all that back up to speed, with sermons from Christmas forward getting put online and our podcast feed updated.  (Marcelo’s January 1 message on the Forcefulness of the Word from 2 Chronicles 34 remains missing, literally.  If you know who has the CD, let Steve know!)  In addition, the audio from two Equipping classes is now being regularly uploaded.  And Erick Cobb’s class on ‘Issues in Christian Ethics’ has finally been uploaded as well.  Equipping Hour audio from past classes can be found here, for those who’re interested.

And on a more interesting/challenging note, the turn of the year saw the start of the ‘Faith & Practice‘ Blog, run by a group of guys from TMS, including Matt Waymeyer, a pastor down in Vista who’s an ex-classmate and all-around great guy!  They started with two great posts on New Year’s Resolutions.  Though the common time for resolutions has past, these two articles remain worth reading.  Here’s the links:
   A New Year’s Top Ten List (Part 1)
   A New Year’s Top Ten List (Part 2)

Part 2 is a survey of Edwards’ resolutions, and includes a great attempt at placing them in ten major categories…contrasting his ‘Top Ten’ Resolutions with the world’s ‘Top Ten’ resolutions (found in part 1 of the article.  Definitely read through his list and consider adopting some/all of them for yourself.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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