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Hollywood & Jesus

It’s not often that upcoming Equipping classes are mentioned, but I wanted to highlight one that starts this coming week (Oct. 15).

John Mitchell will be teaching a four-week class called ‘Hollywood & Jesus.’  It’s going to be focused on how Christians can look different and winsome to the lost by the entertainment choices you make…really focusing on issues on liberty, conscience & wisdom.  This will not be a ‘don’t go to R-rated movies’ type class.  It will be thoughtful, engaging, interactive & instructive.
I genuinely can’t think of someone better suited to teach this class.  John and his wife, Susan, spent time at L’Abri with the late great Francis Schaeffer and both have given serious thought to how a Christian is to impact, transform and be different than their culture.  John is a very gracious, humble man who knows the Word of God quite well.  He is clear, articulate and thoughtful.  I don’t say this to inflate John or praise Him, but to give glory to God who brought just the right man to our church to teach a needed & helpful class.  Trust me that those who go will definitely benefit from and enjoy the class.
If you’d like to attend:
    Cost = Free.
    Length = Four weeks, starting this Sunday
    Time = 8:30-9:40am
    Room = #707  (ask someone if you need help finding it)
    To register = Just show up!  (you don’t have to be a regular attender of FBC to come)

    Directions to the Church

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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