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Archaeological Study Bible

{mosimage}I also read this week that another new study bible will be published this week.  Originally slated to be published in the NASB, the Archaeological Study Bible will use the NIV due to its broad popularity.  (C’mon, Zondervan, at least use the ESV!)  Oh well, apart from that minor flaw, this new study bible will be quite unique.

  • Despite the potentially misleading title, the Bible will cover archaeology, history and geography.
  • The Bible will be printed in full color, including 500 photographs and 520 articles.
  • The entire content of the Bible, including photos, maps, charts & articles, will be included on a CD with the Bible.


Estimated retail price is around $50 in hardcover, $80 for leather.  A great sample of Genesis 17-20 is available for inspection as a PDF document (358 kb).

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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