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How to Grow in Christ

Not long ago, I received an interesting text message…

Did you always have a big desire to read? I feel like my desire isn’t that great, I feel like I’ve been staying at the same pace. I want to grow more in Christ and not end up lukewarm. Should I try and do more ministry like children’s? I don’t know how to disciple or talk to any kids or most people in general about how I am growing, cause I don’t feel like I’m growing.
No one is discipling me either, XXXXXX was but it stopped I think. So I figured since you had a big library of books and knowledge you could tell me something or give me some wisdom on what to do so I can grow more.

Now, books & knowledge don’t qualify anyone to answer this question, but you have to appreciate the desire that the person had. Who hasn’t felt like this at times? The best part is that they want to do something about it! They want to get out of the horrible rut of apathy and begin to pursue Christ more intentionally and aggressively.

Here’s a transcript of our text conversation, in the hope that it might encourage you to pursue Christ more yourself.

Desires go up & down. Here’s my thoughts on how to grow in Christ. 9:05 AM
1) Be in church and at everything you can be. Talk to mature believers and be honest about your ups & downs. 9:06 AM
2) Read the Word and pray. Even when it’s hard and you’re not motivated. Have a plan for what you’re going to read & pray before you even sit down. 9:07 AM
3) Serve in ministry somewhere that’s going to require something of you. Don’t do something so easy that it requires no effort on your part. 9:08 AM
4) Find somebody who knows less about Jesus than you do, and start meeting with them to help them know Him more. 9:10 AM
make sure THAT is why you’re meeting and what you’re talking about!! 9:10 AM
5) Find somebody to disciple you who has a walk with God that you want duplicated into your own life, and whom you already see consistently week-to-week. 9:13 AM
6) Begin to read solid Christian books that have been loved for decades or more. These are the ones most worth reading initially. 9:14 AM
Those 6 steps will be a catalyst to you pursuing Christ. 9:16 AM
(I would add that the order is fairly intentional. Don’t start with 5 or 6 if you’re not already doing 1 or 2.) 9:17 AM
Ok. Cool thanks. And should I have a reading plan to use? 9:21 AM
For the Bible? It sure doesn’t hurt. 🙂 9:31 AM
Do you know where I can get a good one? And do I get a different one each year or use the same one? 9:32 AM
Try this. It’s the New Testament in a year.
http://…/uploadedFiles/5x5x5_BRP.pdf 9:32 AM
Thanks. I think that’s all the questions I have since I need to start with 1-2 first 9:37 AM

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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