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Evaluating Your Day

As multiple people have asked me for this, I thought it might be easiest to post it here.  What follows is the segment from the sermon this last Sunday that considers how each part of our day requires enslaving your body to a greater ambition than self-interest.

What is the ambition of your

Of the many events that happen in your daily life, how often
do you listen to your body?

Let’s sketch out the opportunities of a day…


  • will you rise early to read your Bible or sleep in for
    another 15-30 minutes?
  • will you speak with joy or weariness to your family?
  • will you eat all that you want or all that you need to for
  • will you make demands or speak encouragement your spouse?
  • will you drive in a way that pleases the Lord or will you
    put yourself & your needs first?
  • will you respond to your coworker’s attitude with patience
    or sarcasm?
  • will you submit to your
    boss’ critique as to the Lord or comfort yourself with thoughts of their
  • will you listen to your
    children with patience or respond with exasperation?


  • will you discipline your
    children consistently or let their sins go unattended because you’re weary?
  • will you respond to the
    long wait at lunch with visible frustration or will you give grace to the fast
    food worker?
  • will you speak to the guy
    with the sign or walk by without making eye contact?
  • will you take some me-time
    while the kids nap or will you prepare for their afternoon so that it goes
  • will you just stand there
    & watch your kids play at the park, or will you try & talk about Christ
    with one of the other neighborhood moms?
  • will you work hard after lunch or will you do a little
    personal web surfing on company time?
  • will you spend some of your commute home praying or
    listening to sports radio?


  • will you come home and flip the tv on, or will you
    cheerfully engage with your spouse & kids?
  • will your dinner
    conversation center around God’s grace in your life or will it be fixated on
    complaints about the day’s events?
  • will you use the remote
    control discerningly or will you allow your tv/computer to display things for
    which Christ had to die?
  • will you blame your child’s
    offensive behavior on sugar or lack of sleep or do you speak to them about
    God’s desires for their life and their need for obedience?
  • will you deal patiently and
    kindly as your kids fight their bedtime or will you use terror & fear to
    get them to stay in bed?
  • will you listen patiently
    while your spouse talks through their day, or will you fall asleep while the
    other is still talking?

We must have a
greater aim than our own pleasure & glory.

Our aim is to show off Christ and tell others about Him.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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