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Good Friday

Your Reflections on the Cross

Good FridayHere are the things we heard from you last night after the Good Friday service.  Read them, remember and rejoice!

– Forgiveness means that I no longer have fear of death. I no longer have to try “harder” to get to heaven. God has forgiven me from my never ending struggle with sin.

– Forgiveness is all I have. I am nothing without my savior. He is my all in all! Praise be to God for His indescribable gift! Praying my children know the God I know.

– I am so amazed as I continue to reflect on Isaiah 53 that I read this morning. It pleased you Father to crush Your Son on my behalf. That blows my mind! And then to reflect more on this tonight in this service is awesome!

– My heart – selfish, prideful, needy envious, ungrateful. That I would seek ways to serve my husband more.

– I’m so grateful for what was done on the Cross for me. Thank you Lord for loving me even though I don’t deserve it.

– That I would put all my trust in my God during this time of transition to different schools.

– Thank you Lord for your unselfishness in that you sacrificed your Son for me and my sins.

– I am relieved that Christ has gone through what I was supposed to go through and I am now made clean.

– Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. Thanks be to God & Jesus for His shed blood on the cross for All my sin past, present, and future.

– The Lord’s sacrifice for my sins is unfathomable and glorious! I can never praise or thank Him enough for His sacrifice for me, a great sinner, saved by grace!

– Forgiveness is amazing. It’s hard to fathom but fills me with great joy.

– Joy for being forgiven. Gratitude for having my sins forgiven. Humbled.

– I’m so thankful for the grace I don’t deserve, for His patience with me and for His blessings. I’m also thankful at the sorrow He brings from sin that encourages true repentance.

– Forgiveness – in my place, condemned He stood. Great Night – my favorite Good Friday of them all.

– Humbled by His forgiveness… I desire this for my kids.

– For my “marriage” ministry that I would be faithful & worthy to God’s saving grace to my unsaved husband by obedience & trust in God, His Word, and the power of both.

– That God would further break my heart open when it comes to sacrificing for and loving my wife & children. That He would remove my pride which leads to anger often.

– To pray like Paul pray for the churches to depend on Christ more and more.

– Salvation for children

– We gospel believing parents would be patient, kind, gentle, and faithful toward our way word children. Looking at our response to their sins and loving them as we have been loved. Rom 5:8, 2tim 2:24-26, Rom 2:4

– Forgiveness – Christ eternal

– Thankful for God’s grace, for His faithfulness to pursue a sinner like me, for His loving kindness in offering the Son Christ Jesus as a sacrifice on my behalf.

– So so thankful that God through Jesus would show His grace to me. I ask that God would continue to sanctify me of my areas of unbelief particularly in lust and undisciplines.

– I pray for all the lost & hopeless people struggling with addictions & mental health issues. Also for the helpless children who are victims of child abuse.

– The cross is everything to me. The greatest miracle that ever happened to me is when God forgave all my sins thru Jesus Christ. I’m so undeserving of God’s grace yet he rescued me. Thank you Jesus!!! I offer all of me to you till I die I can’t wait to see you in heaven!!!

– That God will humble me around my sisters. And that I would be in the word more often.

– That Jesus Christ would save people with His grace like He lovingly saved me.

– Thank you Jesus for your love, your amazing love. I do not deserve it, but I do gladly receive it. Thank you for your sacrifice and the precious gift. I love you Jesus.

– Forgiveness is what I don’t deserve. It is the gift that God gave me, one that without Jesus was impossible. It’s something that I shouldn’t have been able to even know.

– His forgiveness symbolizes the ultimate and utmost salvation which humanity could ever receive. The suffering of eternal hell was counted by his undying love for a desolate human.

– Forgiveness undeserving and unwarranted grace from my Lord Jesus Christ. Cleansed white as snow, as perfect before God because of Christ’s sacrifice for me. Never having to experience eternal separation or hell (even though that’s what I deserve).

– Stability of love, humility and full heart not to build any kingdom but the kingdom of my Master Jesus.

– I am thankful as I think that my sin died with Christ on the cross. Also, with my sin goes the guilt of it – Oh, I am so thankful for this!

– My heart is overwhelmed by how great my sin is and how amazing God is. My unpayable unattainable debt has been paid, and I am righteous in Christ. I am humbled by the gift of His grace.

– Forgiveness: Easter, 3 years ago God grabbed my heart. I finally understood what grace is. Grace is forgiveness. Loving me regardless of my condition.

– love obey

– Faithfulness to His calling and a passion to know Him better daily. Freedom from worry about sin.

– Amazed that the forgiveness of God is all encompassing. While nothing escapes His notice not one of my sins is remembered by Him.

– I’m in awe that Christ’s righteous, perfect, loving, unselfish life is credited to me.

– Hope, Hope, FBC, Love

– humbled

– Dear Lord, please forgive all of my sin. Let me go to heaven with you Lord not to hell with Satan.

– So grateful for God’s redemption of me when Jesus died! Thankful for forgiveness.

– Jesus’s forgiveness means eternal life with my Lord & Savior. Because of His forgiveness & Love I am able to forgive & love others. It means life more abundantly here on earth. Because of His forgiveness I have purpose to live to bring Him glory in all that I do. Thank you, Jesus!

– Thank you for a wonderful service spoken in truth. Thank you Lord for forgiving me, I’m undeserving of your grace, but so thankful for what you did on the cross. Please help me live it out everyday to show my love for you.

– Forgiveness to me means deserving absolutely nothing from God, yet gaining all. It means being seen as perfect and spotless before the Lord though previously full of sin.

– God love is amazing! I find it every day to be refreshing & humbling. That He would exchange His righteousness for my sin praise God for His love. To live is Christ to die is gain.

– Remembering my sins no more. Freedom from the bondage of guilt! Forgiveness!

– I know the Lord – what a blessed remembrance of His death forever. Thank you!

– Forgiveness is true freedom. I am so glad the Lord Jesus sought me out as a young child, pressing upon my heart my utter need for Him.

– Justification – Just as if I always obeyed, just as if I never sinned – because my debt is canceled at the cross.

– May God through His Holy Spirit who lives within me continue to lead and direct the pathway of my life in my remaining days on earth.

– I am overwhelmed by God’s response to me & for me. May I bring Him glory, honor & praise for the rest of my life here.

– Humbled beyond words. Grateful for His forgiveness. Truly amazing love.

– The Cross and Christ – loving, righteous Son of God who laid down His life for me a wicked, horrible sinner in need of a savior. Thank you Christ!

– What a wonderful privilege to know all my sins are forgiven! Amen

– Because of the work of the cross. I have been cleansed of all unrighteousness so that I can be in the presence of my God & Creator for all eternity. But for now I am His ambassador.

– Thank you Lord for your complete forgiveness. Thank you for taking my horrific sin on you and bearing my wrath that I deserved. Thank you for rescuing me from darkness!!

– Thank you Jesus for changing my life to turn away from habitual sin was your gift to me. Thank you for saving me.

– Thank you for teaching us  patient and helping us have a better relationship with you. Our marriage is God center, and it is the best marriage.

– Thanks for continuing to forgive me daily, and for the desire to be in Your will to help me to be a light & salt to the lost.

– I am so thankful to my Lord for truly loving me. Loving me enough to die for all my sins. I don’t deserve His love. Yet He takes care of me always. He will always be there for me.

– Thankful that in spite of my sinful heart God forgives. He never leaves me never counts a sin against me. Awesome thank you Jesus.

– God is gracious. He is Holy. Help me.

– Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross so that I can be saved. I am so sorry for my selfishness, and self-gratifying attitude. My own flesh… than you for sacrifice.

-Thank you Lord for loving me a wretched sinner when I was so lost and in rebellion against you.

-Thank the Lord for loving me first. For reaching out to this sinner and setting me free.

-Amazing love, how can it be that thou my God would die for me!

-Thank you, Jesus, for forgiving all my sins! Forgive me for forgetting so often the great and wonderful sacrifice on my behalf. Truly, there is nothing else to live for but you!

-Thank you Father for loving me so much that you went to the cross and bore my sins. ALL of them, so that I could be pure as snow and enter the kingdom of heaven for all eternity! I love you Jesus!

-Thank you for writing my name in your book. Thank you for rescuing the lost sinners. Thank you for being the perfect Lamb and Shepherd.

-Thank you God for making me whole that you bore my sin in your body. Thank you God for saving my soul. I am here as your servant.

-Thank you Lord for how much you love me; how Jesus took my place on the cross &  carried my sins. I am overwhelmed with Joy and thankfulness.

-Lord, Thank you for saving me from my sins. Washing me clean, thank you for seeing your sin in my and not my deprived heart. Thank you for your Son.

-The cross means to me that Christ took all the punishment that I deserve on Himself so that I would not have to experience the judgment for my sins. He became sin for me. Wow!

-The sin that I have committed continue to commit, and will continue to commit all wiped clean by Jesus, the godman, who was perfect in every way.

-God’s forgiveness is everything. His love is amazing. Indescribable. Thank you, Jesus!

-it wasn’t anything I did to earn God’s love, I was His enemy, and He showed me His glorious grace & mercy (still a sinner) and gave me His Son. Crushed His Son, who took my place on the cross, took my penalty, and experienced Hell for me, so that I wouldn’t have to. O’ God, You are so good. So loving, so just. You gave be Chris’s life and now I am forgiven. I am clean, I am made new form my sin and who I was without You. Now all I know is You! I can rejoice because I get Christ! I am Yours! Thank you, Father!!

-Thank you so much that I no longer need to live in the persistent guilt of my sin. That though I am not good enough You took me as I was and made me good enough through You. Hallelujah Rom 8

-I want to thank Him for blessing us, and for dying on the cross and for the best family in the whole world.

-The cross frees us from bitterness and judgment of others. I t causes us to repent when we are self-righteous and completely depend on Him.

-Praise for a salvation so much greater then our circumstances!

-When God looks at me, He does not see my sin and all the ways I’ve failed to obey Him. God sees the perfection of Jesus when He looks at me and this is only possible because Christ died on my behalf.

-Lord, thank you for taking all my sin away and clothing me in Jesus’s perfection. Thank you that when you look at me you now see me as someone who has always obeyed.

-Awesome God! No matter what words I try to think of I can’t thank you enough Lord. I know you truly love me. And search my heart, make me a better man in you Lord.

-Father, thank you for reminding me that all my sins were the future at the time Jesus died 2000 years ago. Help me to live in the victory of the cross and not my own strength, which is more focused on my comfort. I am a holy vessel for God.

-Riven by my sin, given new life, forged in mercy to be ever free.

-The cross means: forgiveness, joy, freedom, peace, love, sacrifice, more than I know or could imagine.

-Thank you for Your grace and mercy and for sending Your Son to die on the cross for my/our sins. For dying even while we were still sinners and rejecting you with our backs to you even cursing you.

-Father, your forgiveness knows no bounds. I often fail you. Everyday I forget my purpose on the earth,  to glorify you my making Your name known. You are faithful and forgiving when I do nothing to deserve it.

-The cross is what reminds me of how much God hates my sin… and at the same time loves me.

-Thank you Lord for giving me a new life with purpose. Purpose to exalt You, by serving You and pointing others to You by the life I live for You. You are my all in all.

-Thank you Lord for the way you have forgiven me. There is no greater joy in my life then being able to be with you in sinlessness in heave. I love you. You are my Rock of Ages.

-Words cannot express the thankfulness that fills me towards Christ. He gave the greatest gift I can never re-pay. All I can do is say Thank you God! You are my all.

-Thank you Jesus for saving me from all my sins and loving me when I am not loveable. The cross means the beginning of my new life with my Savior.

-Thank you God for loving me and forgiving me of my sins. And for sacrificing your Son, pouring Your wrath upon Him so that You now see Christ’s righteousness in me!

-Forgiveness: Undeserved pardoning liberty free to be a slave.

-Cross is a constant reminder that I am not my own. My sin cost something more than I was am or ever will be able to give.

-Thank you Lord for bailing me out, for when I was guilty You took the punishment for me. So that I could know You eternally. You purchased me with your blood.

-The cross is where I see, I am not in control of my life because my life was paid by a much greater God.

-I thank Him for the cross, for it is the reason I understand the meaning of His love.

-Thank you Lord for Your love and grace and forgiveness. We can’t know the sacrifice You made on our behalf. We love you Lord.

-Thank you for loving me, for giving your Son for me so I could become your child and call You Father.

-Sorry God for being a sinner.

-Thank you for being faithful to not only to forgive me but convict me of sin and persist in making me more like Jesus. I resist so often and your pursuing love draws me back everything.

-Dear Lord, without the cross, I would still be dead Lord, filthy as rags. I pray right now and I thank you for saving me Lord, I don’t deserve it, and you deserve all worship & glory. Amen!

-Thank you Lord for allowing me the tremendous privilege of being a recipient of such an amazing salvation. Truly I am forever thankful, bless you Lord my God and Savior.

-Dear Lord Jesus, Once again I want to thank you for dying on the cross for me! I was so so lost! You delivered me out of the grip of Satan – and you sit my feet up on the Rock (the Lord Jesus Christ) upon yourself. I desperately need you and desire more of you in my life! I could never repay you for what you have done. So because of that I want to live my life sold out for you! To give until it hurts! I love you with my life.

-Christ owned my sin in His Body on that day and paid the massive debt for me with His own blood.

-Thank you for dying for me you took my sins away.

– Tonight I was reminded that Jesus paid the price for my sin before I had committed any of them. Past/ present/ future – all my sins are covered by His blood. Oh what a savior!

– I am overwhelmed when I think that the Lord would give His Son for my sin. My depraved wretched heart and soul. The fact that He took what I am so I could be what He is overwhelms me.

– His forgiveness means my freedom. Amen!

– God views me as righteous even when I am at my worst because of the incredible sacrifice Christ made on the cross for me.

– It is great joy to know and understand forgiveness. Christ, perfect holy and blameless died for me an undeserving sinner. He paid my debt and not only that, but He also gave me righteousness.

– Christ has blessed me so much with an awesome family and shutters over my head and salvation in my life. I would like you to pray that I would slay lust in heart.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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