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Children’s Ministry News

I am happy to announce some really great news. Under the fantastic ministry of Dave and Meredith Hubbs and our expanding children’s ministry [where do all these kids come from?] we have some additional leadership under Dave that has stepped forward to make our children’s ministry even better. During one hour Ed and Carrie Vega and the other hour Jake and Lauren Dietrich will be functioning as shepherd trainers for our teachers and children’s ministry volunteers.

Ed with puppets

Ed with puppets

This may involve a whole variety of things – shepherding people, discipleship, training our teachers, working with teachers through the curriculum in advance, ministering to parents of children that need some help, building a camaraderie among all the children workers, sharing resources, developing ways for crafts to be done for classrooms teachers, organizing the ministry, organizing the classrooms, caring for people, and loving our children – we are excited to see how the Lord uses the unique giftedness and passions of both the Vega’s and the Dietrich’s and blessed by how God will use each couple uniquely to accomplish His purposes.

Also, along with Heather administratively, and Scott who helps with set up and take down of the children’s classes, Jorge and Linda Ramirez are going to be assisting David Hubbs organizing and overseeing the 0-K both hours.  This is FANTASTIC news. As a church we are committed to the next generation and because children cannot shepherd one another like adults, we are thankful for the super quality adults God has given us to be a resource to our parents, shepherd our children’s leaders and our children, many of whom do not come from solid homes. Please rejoice with us and encourage these new leaders in their very special roles.

Author: Chris Mueller

Chris is the teaching pastor at Faith Bible Church - Murrieta.

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