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Preparing for Sunday: Mark 5:21-34

  1. What is your first reaction when you are sick or someone else is?  Do you tend to be wrapped up in the circumstances? Why?

  2. How is Jesus’ heart towards his opposition different than your own? Can you give examples from scripture to show this?

  3. If you have ever been in a desperate place, what was your experience with Christ at that time? Now, does desperation drive you to the feet of the One who saves, or do you try to do it on your own first?

  4. Does God’s power in the midst of your circumstances and conditions drive you to tell others of His work? If not, ask God for boldness in proclaiming the gospel’s work in your life to those around you.

  5. When your faith is or was—as Chris will say—“imperfect, flawed and weak,” do/did you believe that disqualifies you from the Kingdom of God? From where does faith come?

  6. What evidence in your own life proves that Christ is not just a great teacher, a miracle worker or a prophet, but the GOD MAN, fully God and fully man?

  7. Have you accepted that faith in Christ is the ONLY way to be saved? Or are you still trying to earn God’s favor by being good, religious or generous?

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