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Preparing for Sunday: Mark 5:1-20

  1. In what situations have you felt the most afraid?

  2. When you hear the word “demon,” what comes to mind?

  3. What is your reaction when encountering someone who seems scary or godless?

  4. Why do demons bow before Christ, even though they are His sworn enemies?

  5. In what ways are all people like the demon possessed man from Mark?

  6. Why would people react negatively to Christ transforming a person from a scary nuisance to a person in his right mind?

  7. Why would God allow you to remain in a situation where you are surrounded by godless people?

  8. Is there an area of your life were you are not, as Chris will say, “…falling into the power arms of a God who is loving, merciful, all wise, all powerful and SOVEREIGN?” Prayerfully consider and ask God to reveal where you are not willingly submitting to His authoritative Word. Confess it right now to God. What will repentance look like in this area?

  9. Make a list each day this week of the great things the Lord has done for you and how He has shown you mercy. As you focus on this every day has it created in you a joyful heart, if so how? What has it given you to share with unbelievers you encounters?

  10. Do you think your sin is too big for God to forgive?  What in this passage and elsewhere in God’s Word tells you this is a lie?

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