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{mosimage}You may not know it, but, each week, John Piper broadcasts a short devotional letter via email. It’s called ‘Fresh Words‘. Sometimes, he gives informational news and prayer requests to his church family at Bethlehem Baptist Church; other times he writes devotional or theological meditations; and sometimes small vignettes from past writings are published. (You can sign up at

This week, he published an article called “When Unclothed is Unfitting,” taken from his earlier book of meditations, A Godward Life. The article is about a letter he wrote to a Minneapolis newspaper some years back about their habit of publishing women’s underwear ads just behind the front page. He writes with a conscience informed by the Bible, but without quoting Scripture or labeling actions as ‘sin.’ All in all, the letter is quite compelling. Read through it and consider the effects such advertisements may be having on your heart, mind, thoughts and family. The article is available here.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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