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Read a book

Can’t Find Time to Read?

Have you walked over to the book rack lately, picked up a book, and said to yourself, “I sure would like to read this”? There are so many good books to read! They have books on marriage & parenting, theology, and even books about how to deal with your sin!  It’s just a great selection. But If you’re like me, setting aside or just finding adequate time to read is TOUGH.
Read a book
Maybe it’s due to work commitments, commuting time, chores around the house, the real need to spend time with your spouse, and of course the kids – or in my case – the grandkids, there are just so many other demands made for us and that we put on ourselves.  Setting aside time for reading is challenging.  And when you do find time, which book do you begin to read?

Let me suggest something that may help you.  Take advantage of our equipping classes!

FBC Equipping Classes are short term, topic-specific classes that run from 4-8 weeks on  theology, finances, how to share your faith better, and all kinds of subjects in-between. We offer them during both worship services each Sunday morning. Typically we have 2 different classes during each service, so you can go to worship with your family one hour and then while your children attend age-appropriate classes during the other hour, you can go to an equipping class.  We try to have a well-rounded selection of subjects.

Some of the classes we have scheduled for this Fall are a study on the Reformation, a ladies study on the book, The Fruitful Wife, and many more. A complete list of classes will be published in mid-August so you can plan ahead.  It is my hope that as you attend equipping classes that interest you, that make you want to do further study, and lead you to discover many of the resources that are available at our own book rack. We are a church that wants to encourage our people to read good books, and we do our best to make it easy for you.  I’ll look for you this fall.

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