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Nigel Shailer
Nigel Shailer

It’s official. Nigel is coming!

We have been praying for a long time about unique and additional help, particularly for me [I know, you already knew I needed a lot of help in so many ways].  We have been looking for someone that is really unique, kind of a Renaissance pastor; a godly man who can do a lot of things well. We have not been looking to have a pastor fill in a specific area exclusively, but be able to fill in wherever needed and allow the church grow to be like Christ as the church members do the work of ministry. We still want a lay run church, so if we hire a pastor, we need him to be a uniquely gifted man of character who is passionate about training and equipping the leaders of our church.

We are a ‘training’ church and have also seriously considered men who are inside our body who might be able to fill this role; we have many great men in our church we are looking to for future ministry in our church, training leaders in other churches, planting other churches, going overseas and so much more.  And we prayed about men outside our body who might be able to enrich our family at every level and bring lots of experience to all the varied ministry situations. We felt, at this time, for now, that bringing someone outside might be a better choice, to enrich all of us. Nigel ShailerRIGHT NOW, we desperately need an EXPERIENCED man who can come alongside our lay leaders and those we are training, in order to further equip them.

So let me introduce Nigel Shailer, a kiwi from New Zealand. I have known Nigel for a long time; have ministered with him in New Zealand and Singapore.  As many of you know, we have been considering him as a potential associate pastor for our FBC church family.

At this point, we have concluded that Nigel is unique enough to fit FBC! He has strengths in administration, training, teaching, counseling, shepherding, and so much more.  Nigel’s doctrine is our doctrine; his love of the church is very strong. He has a passion for our direction of ministry.  Nigel is one of those RARE persons, who actually will fit with our church

The Shailers

Nigel is 42, has been married for Sereena for 20 years.  They have no children yet, though they have tried to adopt twice, and are the NICEST people ever.  He was saved at 19, they both lived in California for 8 years while going to school [he has his Doctor of Ministry from The Master’s Seminary], has ministered for 10 years overseeing a training center, pastoring and functioning as an elder at a large Church in New Zealand. Yes, they both speak with that cool KIWI accent. They love biking, travel, music, camping, and most importantly THE ALL BLACKS [New Zealand Rugby – whatever!?!?!]

If you want to learn more about NIGEL and SEREENA, check out their ministry and family blogs  and

Please PRAY for Nigel and Sereena. Starting now, begins a long and at times difficult process for them. They are dealing with immigration visas, moving overseas and leaving family. We hope to see Nigel and Sereena ministering with us in July this year.

Please also be preparing your New Zealand Kiwi accents and preparing your Kiwi vocabulary to help them feel at home. Here are some words to study in preparation:  boot is your car trunk, chips are French fries, chunder is to vomit, corker is very good, dunny is bathroom, fizzy is soda, ice block is popsicle, knickers are underwear, nappy is diaper, pong is a bad smell, rellies are relatives, ring is to phone someone, shorts are movie previews.

Author: Chris Mueller

Chris is the teaching pastor at Faith Bible Church - Murrieta.

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