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Preparing for Sunday: Mark 6:1-6

  1. Did you struggle with unbelief before you came to Christ? If so, what changed?

  2. How do you deal with family who express unbelief in Christ? Friends? Coworkers?  Do you react to those who mock you, dismiss you or ignore you?

  3. Many have heard the idiom “familiarity breeds contempt.” How was this true in the life of Christ? How has this been true in your life?

  4. How has God or His Church become too familiar or routine for you? Are you as passionate about Christ and serving Him as you were at first? If not, what are ways to combat your tendency to drift?

  5. Have you ever been frustrated at your inability to talk a friend or family member out of their unbelief? How does the story of Christ in Mark 6 give you perspective and hope?

  6. If unbelief DOESN’T come from a lack of evidence or truth, why do people reject Jesus?

  7. Are you ever tempted to use “small issues” you see in other Christians or the church as excuses for unbelief?  Since your sins are real and undeniable, do you point people to Christ when others point to your sins as reasons for their unbelief? Why isn’t this a guaranteed way to turn an unbeliever into a believer?

  8. If you have not surrendered your life to Christ, will you own that you are CHOOSING unbelief and repent?

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