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Preparing For Sunday: Mark 5:21-24 & 35-43

  1. When you think of death, what comes to mind? How were these thoughts the same or different before you were a believer?

  2. Are you convinced that God cares deeply about those suffering from infirmities? Why or why not? Does your evidence come from scripture, personal experience or both?

  3. If Jesus’ compassion for the hurting wasn’t his ONLY motivation for healing, what else was driving Him?

  4. Tragedy often shows the inability of status, wealth, connections, etc. to save us and drives us to the only Person who does. Did tragedy bring you to the cross? When you were remembering your blessings at Thanksgiving, did you thank God for HOWEVER He drew you to Himself?

  5. Where do you run when faced with a hopeless situation? Is Christ your first reaction or your last resort?

  6. Do you ever feel the need to hurry God along? What does that reveal about your understanding of God’s character?

  7. Be honest: when the counsel of friends makes logical sense and the Word of God is hard to understand, what most influences your decisions?

  8. If the above questions reveal any lack of trust in Christ, confess that. In what ways can you show your confidence is only in Christ and His ability?

  9. Look back to your answer to question #1. Did you mention fear? Since Christ’s work on the cross frees Christians from the fear of death, what needs to change in your thinking so that you see death as, as Chris will say, waking up at home?

One Comment

  1. When I think of death, I think of an of an end to my fleshly nature. 2. I am convinced that sin is the only reason for infirmities, and that our inability to visually see it despite its destructive nature are there so we may understand and address sins. Rationally and biblically based. 3. Addressing our sin. 4.Yes, in our afflictions God is easier to recognize. 5.vWe should run to Christ and trust in Him. 6. Not being patient twords God reveals I do not LOVE Him (love is patient). 7. Logical reasoning is not a bad thing, but we must not be reasoned away from God or righteous pursuites. 8. No lack of trust, God created us rational and to remain pure in justice and righteousness. 9. We must believe God authored life, and has the authority to restore it, He is a rewarded of good and those whom follow Him.