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Homosexual Rights ≠ Civil Rights Struggle

Voddie Baucham has written an excellent post on how different the fight for homosexual rights is from our nation’s earlier fight for civil rights.Voddie Baucham

The California Supreme Court would have us believe that the homosexual struggle for a redefinition of marriage puts them in the same category as my ancestors. However, they would rather you didn’t take a closer look, lest you see how flimsy the comparison turns out to be.

Baucham then describes how:

  • Homosexuals are an “Unidentifiable Minority”
  • Marriage has an “Unalterable Definition”
  • Homosexual marriage is an “Unsustainable Precedent”
  • Christians are being led to an “Inescapable Confrontation”

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Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

One Comment

  1. Thank you Voddie Baucham! He articulated (very well) what I have always thought about the gay marriage issue but, never thought through as precicely as he did. I sum it up like this; you can not compare gays with blacks or any other race becuase gayness (homosexuality) is a choice no matter how hard someone tries to deny it. It is not hateful to point out something that is true even if it is a sad truth.

    We should try to think through such issues as Christians because we will most likely at some point be called on to defend what we believe. And we must be prepared to defend our beliefs with gentleness, love and respect. A very difficult thing to do but, Jesus is our perfect example. Lord let us be more like you!