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RMG Life: What Does RMG Stand For?

I thought it might be a good time, once again, to answer the age old question of what the acronym “RMG” stands for as there are still some pondering over its meaning. I would not admit this publicly (although, I guess this blog is a little public), but I did not know what it meant at first.

The “R” stands for “regional.” However, “regional” is loosely defined. All of the groups meet here in the valley and anyone is welcome to attend any of the groups. In fact, my wife and I help lead one in Menifee, but we live in Murrieta. Scandalous, I know. But, all of our Menifee co-leaders have adopted us with much love. So, don’t let any preconceived notions about jurisdictional boundaries prohibit you from doing something crazy like attending an RMG that meets outside your city limits; gerrymandering is never frowned upon.

The “M” stands for “ministry.” RMGs are a ministry of FBC, but there is also ministry that occurs within each of them. I certainly do not want to say we loosely define ministry – that really would be scandalous. However, there is a variety of ministry that does occur, differing slightly from one RMG to another, but certainly including Gospel-centered worship, prayer, evangelism, teaching, discipleship, group fellowship, and friendship happening in in one form or another. So, you never have to worry about finding an opportunity to minister to others or visas versa when in need. Ministry is prolific!

The “G” stands actually stand for “gathering” not “group” as I used to say in my naivety. The RMG is more than a group, and it is more than a “meeting” – the definition of the noun “gathering.” It is more of the verb “gathering,” which means: “to bring together or take in from scattered places.” This affirms the loose definition of “regional,” but it really has a broader meaning than where people are from. It means that RMGs are for men and women of all ages, from all sorts of ministry areas and with all sorts of backgrounds.  As such, RMGs are a broad representation of the Body, and this is truly a joy. In an RMG you can see each member’s participation in light of the whole, especially in the discipleship group setting, where individual gifts are so apparent.

So, as you can see, the answer to “What is an FBC RMG?” is simple. It is more than a rhyme or play on acronyms. It is a place where any Believer can be a significant part of the Body.

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