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Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church


  1. Question about comments from Sunday’s message. It is my understanding that someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder needs medication, suggesting there is physiological causes and therefore not sin issues that need to be confronted as a cause. Even those who follow biblical counseling counseling have agreed. Yet a comment from the message would seem to contradict that approach. Am I mistaken?

  2. Good question. Short answer = in our current care system, the prescription of medicine is not always the result of clear, verifiable physiological indicators. There is a tendency to over-prescribe, and even secular specialists are saying it happens too often.


    When dealing with behavior that’s abnormal for an individual, physiological and spiritual causes should both be considered. If no objective, verifiable physiological issues arise out of testing, then special and particular attention should be given to the soul. (And even when physiological issues are evident, Scripture notes that those can sometimes be the result of sin, e.g. Ps 32:3-4.)

    In all matters of the soul and psyche, we do believe that the Bible is totally & completely sufficient and authoritative, providing all that we need for life and godliness through a vital relationship with Jesus Christ (2 Pet 1:3, 2 Cor 9:8, Ps 19:7-9). This core supposition is the foundation for all biblical counseling.

    Hope this helps clarify. For specifics on a particular situation, I’d encourage you to talk to Bob or Peter.

  3. Jim,

    As John stated the whole sub-specialty of psycho-physiological sciences is the object of much controversy and debate amongst medical researchers and clinicians.While further study may finally, and definitively answer the question about pathologic mechanisms/causal link(s) between brain chemistry and mood states(like Parkinson’s diease,etc).What will be needed is to establish valid, reliable diagnostic test(s) that demonstrate true pathology. However,even if a valid, reliable and reproducable evidence is established ,for beleivers the treatment approach, just like treating any other bodily disease would still include include spiritual care.

    On the flip side , if we’re operating on theory, and subjectivism when messing with ones brain chemistry,and assigning causation to “disease” then we’re confusing the matter even more than helping a believer dealing with heart/life issues.In fact, we’re doing more harm that good!Dealing with the fallenness of man will always be a part of any biblical approach to shepherding God’s people.
    Peter Spiers