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Quiet Times

{mosimage}Without intending to diminish the value and benefit of regular daily time in God’s Word, have you ever stopped to consider what a recent phenomenon this is??  Today, we often judge our spiritual intimacy with God by how long and how focused our BIble time was that morning.  In the greater history of the church, this is not a normal or typical measurement.

Do you we benefit from having God’s Word available in our homes and coffee shops?  Absolutely!  We live on it.  BUT the luxury of having your own copy of the Bible AND having the ability to read it (literacy) is a fairly recent opportunity.  Through the last few thousand years, the majority of God’s people only had access to the full Bible when they assembled together.  This is why we see a heightened emphasis in Scripture on the public reading of the Bible when we assemble together.

What a time we live in!  To much is given, much shall be required (Lk 12:48).

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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