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Worth Reading

#WorthReading №3

Here are some articles from around the internet that are worth your time reading…

Why Gay Marriage Proponents Can’t Appeal to the Abolitionist Movement – there was not time to speak during the sermon to talk about this objection, but Ben Reaoch has done a great job articulating how to respond when you hear this.

Don’t Know What a Fetus is? Here are your options. – using logic, Peter Kreeft considers four abortion scenarios that encompass all people’s beliefs.

Do We Alienate Our White Brothers and Sisters? – Keith Echols, Jr. asks some provoking questions about responding to racial issues. “Does the black community say white people are incapable of understanding the problem while, on the other hand, expecting them to solve it? Do we have standards for what would qualify as an acceptable response?

Lutheran Insulter – this cracks me up! it’s a random generator of the various insults that Martin Luther wrote over the years.

And below is an excellent 6 min video of “the Story” – how it all began and will never end.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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