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Thoughts from a Rookie Grandpa

I was asked to write a blog, and if you know anything about me, writing isn’t one of my gifts. As I was doing odd jobs around the house during my “staycation” last week, I began brainstorming ideas for this blog. What could I possibly have to say that would be of value to anyone?!

Happy momentsThe grandkids had just been over, so I was reflecting on how they have impacted my life. My wife and I have been blessed with 4 beautiful, full of energy, grandkids (so far!). Parents today are so much better off when it comes to raising their children than when we were raising ours. Thinking back to who was writing about parenting when we were starting our family, the only name that comes to mind is James Dobson. Today there are so many more resources thanks to the Tripps, Lou Priolo, and many more I am not even aware of.

When I was a young dad I didn’t really have time for my small kids. That was mom’s job. My job was to work and bring home the paycheck because that’s how I was raised. I missed out on so many things! I am trying to make up for lost opportunities with my grandkids. I jump at the chance to have them over and do all those activities I wish I had done more of with my own kids. This last week I was building a headboard for our room and my 4 year old grandson wanted to help. I wouldn’t have done this with my son because I was young and impatient, but age has given me some perspective and taught me not to be so focused on the task that I miss a teaching moment. We got out some wood and my cordless drill and we screwed about 10 big screws into a block of wood. I can’t believe I am letting my grandkids use power tools! My dad wouldn’t even let me mow the lawn until I was in high school. He was sure I would cut my toes off!

God, by His grace, has opened my eyes to the joys of grandparenting. It is like He gives us a “do-over.” I don’t know how often I read to my small children, but I can’t wait to have my grandkids crawl up in my lap and ask me to read a book. I don’t have these memories with my kids. It wasn’t until they got much older that I became a big part of their lives. My encouragement to any young dads who may be reading this is spend as much time with your little ones as you can. I believe it brings joy to your kids, to your wife, and honors God. The example that Jesus gave to us when he interacted with children is what I keep in mind these days. I made many mistakes as a dad, but my grandkids are an example to me of God’s grace and mercy, allowing me to have a second chance to impact these souls as I read to them and pray with them and talk about God’s creation, especially the dinosaurs! I am trying to make this precious time a special time. I have even changed a poopy diaper, a testimony that miracles do still happen! I hope some of these thoughts from a “rookie” Grandpa will bring a smile to your face and a little joy to your heart. God is good!

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