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SC2013 Camp Speakers

A Note from Camp

Student ministry parents at home,

Ok, so first let me say that nobody put me up to this…this isn’t another camp promo letter. I just know (as a fellow parent of a youth) that if I didn’t have the blessing of being able to serve this week at camp, I’d probably be at home praying, waiting, and wondering about…what’s going on at camp??? how’s my kid or kids doing? are they having fun? what messages are they hearing? what might the Lord do in their hearts this week? …or I just hope they come back in one

So let me reassure you…no injuries so far, they all seem to be having a great time, and most importantly… they are hearing some seriously powerful, passionate, Biblically accurate preaching from Shannon Hurley on the gospel from Romans 1. No joke, Shannon Hurley is bringing it. You should throw a fist pump in the air right now and praise God! Seriously do it, right now, because your kid is hearing it loud and clear.

SC2013 Camp Speakers

Shannon and Chris

Last night Shannon preached on various things that we tend to put our faith in other than God… yet the only faith with power is in the one true God of the Bible…and they need not be ashamed of it (Romans 1:16). Then today he really let it fly when he shared with all of our kids that our unrighteousness causes us to suppress the clear truth (vs 18-20). And it is only by Gods grace that they feel resistance to freely pursue their lust for sin (whether is be by parental restrictions, church body, or Biblical conviction etc)…because eventually if they continue to resist…He may turn them over to their sin (vs 24-25) and its consequences.

So yes, overall the kids are having fun, playing games, hearing a phenomenal worship band, laughing a lot, (soon to be swimming, wake boarding, and tubing), but they are also hearing one of the most important messages of their life. Praise God! And please be in prayer for our youth leaders as they help the students work through each sermon afterward during small group time.

We are so blessed to be a part of this body with church leaders who do not compromise or water down the truth, and who align with men like Shannon who are not ashamed to live it and boldly proclaim it!

Fist pump and pray with me,
Jonas Tracy

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