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Finding the Gospel in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is now just a week away. Doesn’t it seem like Thanksgiving was just here?  A year can go by so quickly, and the holidays can prove to be nothing more than highway mile markers on a long road of life.

It truly is living in the “here and now” that brings the big picture of life into focus.

Instead, we tend to dwell on the past or constantly plan for the future, which can cause us to miss out on the journey of the moment. The sweetest of these moments is spending time with those we love. 

The same is true for believers of spending time with the One who is love. How sweet it is to have those moments on bended knee and allowing our first Love to speak into our hearts His gracious and kind words of comfort and truth. Those times with our God let the glorious news of the gospel fill our hearts afresh with peace and thanksgiving, and let us know that God is well in control and has a glorious plan of redemption that includes wretched sinners like me.

It is no wonder that Paul exhorted us to be courageously and persistently in prayer with a focused alertness and attitude of thanksgiving (Colossians 4:2).  Truly, a Christian’s Thanksgiving happens every day as he humbles himself before the LORD in prayer.

Author: Shannon Munoz

Shannon Munoz is married to Manuel and has two grown children. She loves to counsel and disciple other women.

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