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FRANCE MISSION TRIP ~ Reflections from Chase Munoz

I thought the whole trip went amazing. Our time in Paris could not have gone any more perfect except for an extremely small hiccup in the subways. We were able to see almost everything there was to see in Paris and transportation on almost all accounts from when we got there to when we went back to the airport was flawless. Marseille was beyond words. With Rob, Vicky, Serge, and Nabeil acting as tour guides and translators, they made our stay in Marseille wonderful. I never felt in danger especially when we had the Translator with us. For the camps the only thing I would change would be that we could have had kids for the first day in the morning and that we would have been able to share the gospel more with them. The second camp from my perspective working with the older kids went flawless. I know the younger kids fought a little but again they are kids. Really the only bad part about the second camp was when we had the ball stolen but even that was not that bad, thanks to our helpful Turk girls.

There are not enough words that I could use to describe how I feel towards Rob and Vicky’s old church. They were “Awesome”. I think almost everyone who was there at church on Sunday did something for us. There willingness to serve us and take time out of there day to feed and drive us was unbelievable. If every church was like them I think the world’s view of Christianity would be completely different. We would not be seen as hypocrites any more but actually a people who live what they preach. Even our church could learn some things from them. I personally could grow more as a servant from watching them by learning to serve someone who I do not even know.

More about me, like I said at church, I can not say enough on just how broken I was over how lost the world really is. Even in America I see how fake a lot of people’s Christianity is. It is no different here or there, people live however they want but if at the end of the day they say they believe in “God” or “Allah” they will go to heaven or paradise. To be honest I do not know how to change all of that but I am at least glad that God made that reality to me in the form of Robert. I grew to have a deep care for that boy and it breaks me that I might not ever see him again on earth or in eternity so now I hope to have a heart for the lost in the form of Robert. So if I see someone who is lost I hope it will make me think of Robert so I will have as much compassion for them as would for Robert.

Author: Shannon Munoz

Shannon Munoz is married to Manuel and has two grown children. She loves to counsel and disciple other women.

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