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The Week Behind & Ahead…

Dear Family,

This week has been an eventful week for the Mueller family…

Monday morning, e mails, phone calls, planning details and a great lunch appointment. As lunch was wrapping up, I received a phone call at 1:20 Monday afternoon, telling me that our oldest son Matthew was involved in a very serious auto accident on the 91 freeway just west of the 215.  Matthew walked away from the car a little stiff, but he is fine.  He had borrowed Jean’s car, ‘bubbles’, because his car was in the shop and while finishing up his work for the day, he hit a patch of water on the freeway in the right lane during the rain and the car hydroplaned out of control – he was in the slow lane going slow – the car spun and smashed up against the cement barrier, spun some more and ended up blocking two lanes of the freeway and another lane from debris.  The CHP arrived, after checking to make sure Matt was not injured, the officer pushed the car off the freeway and stuck around until a tow truck could come and I arrived to pick Matt up. The car looked really bad [see photo] and I believe it will be totaled – the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be HIS name – but MATT is going to be fine and for this we are rejoicing.

I was gone from 1:20pm Monday till 5pm and was home in time to teach the training center at our house on the doctrine of Christ for 3 hours of instruction and discipleship – and what a refreshing time it was to teach about and hear how our CREATOR humbled Himself to take on humanity and become the God man, an obedient man, a man obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross FOR US – if He would do that, then there is nothing I would not do for Him. We are thankful for His mercy and grace in Salvation and with His daily hand of guidance and protection. We are thankful to the Sovereign Lord for protecting our first born son.

Tuesday, we looked at some potential rental property for mid week usage and are moving ahead so that Kaleo can meet, the worship band can practice, the youth band can practice, mid size adult gatherings, d groups, possibly student ministry will meet later and on rainy days, consolidate our storage and others can meet through-out the week. After negotiations conclude, we will tell you all about it.  The rest of the day was filled with helping others work through some very heavy counseling over some very serious sin in the lives of people we love, strategizing for the future, more e mails, intense phone calls and a three hour appointment with a pastor friend from San Diego area who is going through some interesting times.

Wednesday was focused study in the Word for a marriage conference, the book of Daniel and a conference I am doing this summer. It is also the anniversary of my installation service with John MacArthur, just 2 years ago.  I am still very thankful for all of you and am so blessed by just how special our church family really is. Also Wednesday night, we will be able to see my sister Wendy and her husband as they are down in San Diego for vacation. Also in the morning, some wonderful blessings occurred in our children’s ministry [see below] and I was blessed to invest some time getting things set up for all that to work.

Thursday the phone will be off the hook so INTENSE study can occur for Daniel and more…

Friday, please be praying for me as I will preaching at a marriage conference for one of the larger fellowship groups from Grace Community Church. Jean and I will be ministering to about 80 couples, many of whom were literally my old GCC Junior Highers and Collegians from long ago. My old Junior Highers actually have their Junior Highers  and High Schoolers already OUCH!

This Sunday at FBC the Word of God will be exposited on a topic that almost every single Christian struggles with and is one of the most needed topics of our day – it will be a great help to you and to those you love. King David battled with it, Martin Luther struggled with it, even Charles H Spurgeon had bouts of it. But God’s Word is going to show us how to beat it and how you can help your friends and family who are battling with it too.

I love you so much,


Author: Chris Mueller

Chris is the teaching pastor at Faith Bible Church - Murrieta.

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