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Loving Jesus through Perseverance

{mosimage}This comes from one of our Kaleo staff and should encourage & challenge each of us in how we live for and manifest Jesus.

Keeping a promise, fulfilling a vow, and standing by your word are concepts not often practiced in our culture. People make commitments and break them, marriages end in divorce, political treaties and resolutions hold little influence, loyalties are transferable as long as it benefits me personally. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, one way or another. Here is one of my stories:

I played softball throughout high school. I was starting catcher and captain of the varsity team for my sophomore and junior year. Senior year came along and the coach put someone else in my spot as catcher and the only spot left for me was the bench. It didn’t make sense to me (or to other parents and players), I was the captain and a good player and there wasn’t even a position in the outfield for me. I tried to reason with the coach and then, when things didn’t change for me fast enough, I quit. It shocked my entire team. I realize now what I didn’t see then…quitting the team showed where I placed my loyalty. It was not for the team, it was for myself. That was the last statement I left with all those people, that I was most important to me. I know God could have used me if I had just stayed and fulfilled my commitment to the team. They might have wondered why the captain of the team would still work so hard and be so joyful sitting the bench. In response I would have told them Jesus made it possible and what an impression that would have made!

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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