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Surprising Statistics

You may not have heard lately, but Tony Blair (PM of Britain) recently revealed that he used to spank (‘smack’ in British-ese) his children, but had not been doing so with his youngest son, age 5.  This candid, televised admission from Blair renewed calls from British campaigners to pass a law outlawing all forms of physical discipline towards children, including spanking/smacking.

Interestingly, while running that story, CNN began to take a poll, asking "Is it ever appropriate to smack a child?"  I don’t know the final tabulation, but the results when I last looked were surprising!


Such a strong favorable response seems contrary to what’s typically conveyed via media channels.  There may be any number of factors that cause the discrepancy, so I’ll leave you to form your own conclusions. Smiley



Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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