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Rice, Bats & the Pope

8If only this read: "Christian" instead of "Catholic"…

This month’s Newsweek has an interesting article on Anne Rice, author of the vampire chronicles, who has apparently determined to end that portion of her writing career.  The article is appropriately titled, The Gospel According to Anne: The queen of the occult has been gone awhile. What’s Anne Rice been up to? Getting healthy, finding God—and writing her most daring book yet.

Here’s a brief, tantalizing segment…

In two weeks, Anne Rice, the chronicler of vampires, witches and—under
the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure—of soft-core S&M encounters, will
publish "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt," a novel about the 7-year-old
Jesus, narrated by Christ himself. "I promised," she says, "that from
now on I would write only for the Lord." It’s the most startling public
turnaround since Bob Dylan’s "Slow Train Coming" announced that he’d
been born again.

The article is interesting reading.  If only there was more hope within the article that she’d come to a genuine saving faith.  To look at it in the most positive light…as Christians were able to capitalize on Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ — done by a mystic Catholic — then hopefully, we’ll be able to use Anne Rice’s work as a platform to talk about the true life and death of Jesus as accurately & truthfully presented in the gospels.

And if you’re interested… list the basic background to Rice’s book as "a mountain of
New Testament scholarship, the Apochrya, the ancient texts of Philo and
Jospephus — and her passionate search for Jesus of the Gospels.
"   After all, it is difficult to write on Jesus at 7 years of age, when there’s nothing in Scripture about it. Smiley

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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