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What is Your Foundation?

There are words that we hope we will never hear.

Words like “I’m sorry, your child did not make it,” or hearing your young daughter say “Help, I think I’m pregnant.”

It is in these storms of life that we find out what we have built our faith on.

Did we build on the solid Rock or the sinking sand?  Do we humble ourselves before a sovereign God or box the air and scream out “Why?!?”  These life changing events can seemingly come on so quickly, yet the foundation we have chosen to build on has been laid over many days and many situations.

Do I take each day to speak God’s graciousness of the gospel message into my life and others?  Do I remember as a Christian that when I hurt others or they hurt me that we are united by a gospel of reconciliation?  Do I remember that God in His infinite wisdom knows what is most needed in my life and asks me to press on in the storms and trials of this life?

He surely knows my weak faith, yet He died anyway.

He surely knows my lack of power, yet He died anyway.

He surely knows my running after sin, yet He died anyway.

Precisely because He knows that, He purposely sent His Son to die anyway.

In light of this truth, the question begs, “What words am I living by daily? Are they the Words of God?” What about you?

Author: Shannon Munoz

Shannon Munoz is married to Manuel and has two grown children. She loves to counsel and disciple other women.

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