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Celebrating for the Right Reason

Easily, without a doubt, hands down … this is my favorite time of year! Thanks to Charles Shultz, my excitement starts when we pull out our Peanuts DVD Holiday Collection.

We start the festivities with, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, a month later it’s, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, and we end with the grand finale, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Seriously, what is there not to love? Turkey, prime rib and all the fixings; cookies, pies, and candies; leaves changing colors; snow on the mountains; football; the smell of cinnamon and spice; all culminating with Christmas trees, lights, movies, decorations, music, and more!

But, then New Years comes bringing the joy to an end, and as I see new months looming ahead and I begin the countdown to the next season of delight.

I was recently discussing this annual cycle of mine with my daughter, and she said, “Dad, every day we should celebrate the gospel.”

That caused me to take a step back and examine my enthusiasm for the holidays. It is a bit misplaced. Quite simply, it is in the temporal and not the eternal.

In reality, with the gospel, we as Believers do have something to be thrilled about each and every day! Every day is “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” because every day we can thank God for His unfathomable, undeserved and sovereign plan for our salvation and sanctification!

Now, does all this mean we should enjoy the holidays any less? Not at all! But, we need to enjoy them in perspective and remember the real reasons why we can and should celebrate.

So, enjoy family, friends, food, decorations and all that this season brings! But, as you do, please remember the true reason for our celebration found in God’s Word from Ephesians and Romans; we should give “thanks always and for everything” and we can because, “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us …”

Thank you, God, for the gift of your Son!

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