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What’s Your Trajectory?

If I have no meetings, I rise around 6:30am.  I shower first because that’s how I wake up.  It’s more effective than coffee – at least for me.  As I wake up with the water pouring down, I have a choice: prayer or plan.  I can pray for my day, my family and issues, or I can start to plan out my day.  I pray as I get ready.

Next I go to my office.  At that moment, I have another choice to make: email or Bible.  Which will it be?  What should I read?  If I hit email first, there’s a strong chance that I will not make it back into the Word until much later, if at all.  I open the Word.  I start to read.

My phone beeps and I reach for it.  It’s force of habit.  I tell myself that I don’t need to look right now.  I read a bit more and my computer beeps, which is easier to ignore this time.  Another short time of prayer, then I wake my computer up and start working through emails from the night before.  Coffee and breakfast will come a bit later.

Every morning, you are setting a trajectory for your day.  Every day, you are setting a trajectory for your life. SEAL Sniper Setting a Trajectory What do you want your heart set on today?  Do you give priority to the glory and excellence of God?  When you pull the trigger on a gun, the bullet doesn’t instantly hit the target.  It follows a path that you set it on when you were aiming.  You can’t hit a target you’re not aiming for.  What’s the trajectory of your life?  What are you aiming your heart towards each day?

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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