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Reflections: Living in the Kingdom of God

Mark 1:14-15 details Jesus’ first proclamation of the gospel in Galilee and is the first time that He mentions “the kingdom of God.”  In Chris’ sermon yesterday, I was challenged to consider whether or not I was living in the present reality of God’s rule in my heart, i.e. living in the kingdom of God. I understand that concept and know what a life under the rule of the King of kings should look like. But I also know my heart.

How many times throughout the day do I worry? Often. My sinful heart focuses on the details of difficult situations, thinking in circles about potential negative outcomes. When I find myself in that situation, God graciously rescues me by reminding me that He is the One who measures the waters of the earth in the hollows of His hand (Isaiah 40:12) and cares for even the sparrows (Matthew 10:29-30).

Another area where I often need reminding of the wonderful attributes of my King is in timing. Although I am just a servant of the King, my sinful heart can be convinced that I know the best plan for my life. In my nearsightedness, I only see the heartache and sorrow that comes from waiting, instead of the opportunities for growth and glorifying my Savior. My comfort comes from the knowledge that my King didn’t simply intend for me to bide my time while waiting. Instead, He has good works already planned for me (Ephesians 2:10), and He has given me the ability to walk in them faithfully.

The further I grasp the joy and freedom that come from a life devoted to the King, the more God grows in me a passion for His Good News. I know what a life outside of the Kingdom brings, and I desperately desire those around me to be granted the “repentance that leads to life” (Acts11:18). My life as a child of the King should be charging me to speak the Gospel to everyone around me, which is something I admit failure in daily. My prayer is for sensitivity to the eternal condition of the people who cross my path, becoming a useful instrument in both His present and coming kingdom.

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