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Mexico Ministry – THIS Saturday!

Grace Children’s Home – Mexico Ministry Day Trip – April 26th @ 7:45am

Jake Dietrich @ G.C.H.

Open to families from FBC and sponsored by the leadership of Kaleo.

Where to Meet: Meet off Hwy 79 south, turn right and park at the AM/PM. Extra vehicles can be parked in the carpool parking across the street.


The Plan: Cleaning, picking up trash, construction, laundry, grocery shopping, organizing, playing with the kids, etc.
   There is always a list of projects for us to do
while we are there. If we are not working, we are showing the love of
Christ to children who may or may not know him. They have had terrible
experiences in life, much more that I can even imagine. Abuse of all
kinds, abandonment, neglect, and violence. You would never guess this
when meeting them, they are happy, playful and affectionate. Our God is
a God of redemption and they are in that process.
    We also are there to minister to the missionaries
that give up so much to be there full-time. They gave up lives of
comfort, with good jobs, homes, and salaries. They gave it up for the
sake of the gospel being spread and being made known to others. Lets
encourage them in their mission and calling that God has placed on us
all. We like to allow them to be able to rest on the day that we come
to help lighten their load for the day. Let’s be a blessing to them.

Contact Jake or Lauren or details.

For details about the orphanage, check out: Grace Children’s Home’s Blog

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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