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Glass of Cola
Glass of Cola

RMG Life: Sweet Refreshment

Have you ever been sitting at a restaurant and “dying” of thirst, waiting for that ice-cold Coke you ordered? You know, the one packed with crystal clear ice cubes and beads of condensation forming on the sides of the glass? The carbonation will burn your throat, tickle your nose and make your eyes water. What a great feeling of anticipation!

The glass arrives. You take your first drink.  The satisfaction is almost there . . . only to be jerked away by the sudden realization that you have been duped into drinking that tasteless concoction known as “Diet Coke”.

Ok, that was a tad dramatic, and for all you Diet Coke fans out there, just reverse the beverages and you will understand. Either way, the concept is the same.

Life often presents situations where we are excited about something, only to find that it is not nearly as exciting as we thought it would be. Other times in life, however, we are excited for something and it’s everything we had hoped it would be.  The latter is exactly how the first few weeks of RMG have been.

Our RMG is everything we had hoped for, with nearly 60 people sharing tremendous worship, great expository teaching from God’s Word and a wonderful time of fellowship every week.

But, most importantly, we have experienced solid discipleship. Men with men and women with women, we are able to work through the practical applicability of God’s Word for our lives. We encourage one another with compassion and the truth of what God has done for us personally.  Ultimately, as we are exhorted to do in Galatians 6:2, we bear one another’s burdens in the same way that Christ bears our own.

It is a wonderful thing to see the Body function the way God intended! And it’s amazing to see how many people have been thirsting for what the RMG provides.

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