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TXT: Easter Bunny?

Dumb BunnyQuestion: Where did the idea of the Easter Bunny come from?

Answer: I have no idea.  That’s what Google & Wikipedia are for.  🙂

PS–Yes, this was a real question submitted on Sunday.  In case we’ve given the impression otherwise, we really only claim to some measure of understanding about the Bible, not pop culture, world history, medicine, etc.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

One Comment

  1. The easter bunny is a symbol of fertility for the pagan cults and the eggs are symbols of new life in the same cults.
    Unfortunately, I have a background in wicca and the occult so this is the definite answer. The pagans have what is called on Ostra celebration where they get together and celebrate the elements of the earth and have a man and woman coronated as a god and goddess during the celebration.

    Very strange and they do this the same day as easter. I struggled with this for many years as how I could celebrate a holiday that has been adopted from pagan rituals and now I only go to service for the message of the resurrection and do not engage in any easter titled events.

    This is not legalism, this is preferential and everyone should do as the Lord has purposed in their hearts.

    If what you do feels weird then it just may be weird!

    In Christ,