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Load up your iPod!

Okay…it’s time to make a confession.  I don’t think all Apple products are bad.  Those who know me best will understand the severity of my confession.  In particular, I believe that the iPod is a great product and that its integration with iTunes is compelling.  (I’m not a big fan of encrypted AAC, but apart from that, the whole deal is very well done.)  I’m now on my 2nd iPod as my first one (2gb Nano, 1st Gen.) was smashed by a falling truss from my shed.  On my birthday this year, my lovely wife surprised me with a new video iPod as a replacement…maybe since I’d been regularly lamenting the minimal space on my 2gb.  I have not maxed the new one out yet…

What sort of stuff, you may ask, resides on my iPod?  Music, sermons, podcasts and interviews.  Hmmmm…but the order is probably more like interviews, podcasts, sermons, music.  (Oh, and an episode or two of Psych.)  When I come across interesting audio, I’m very prone to downloading it and then listening while I walk, work in the yard, run errands, shop, etc.

One of the real treasure troves of the internet is the 9Marks website, overseen by Mark Dever. The special thing about the 9Marks website is all the INTERVIEWS!!  Right now, there are sixty-six interviews with various well-known Christians on contemporary and historical issues.  Josh Harris, John Piper, Carl Henry, John MacArthur, Iain Murray, CJ Mahaney, RC Sproul, Wayne Grudem, Ligon Duncan, Paige Patterson, JI Packer and more!!  Here’s some of the topics discussed:

  • Biblical Counseling by Ed Welch
  • D. Martyn Lloyd Jones by his daughter
  • Christian History & Evangelicalism by Iain Murray
  • Theology & Books by R.C. Sproul
  • A Life History by R.C. Sproul
  • A Retrospective Look at his writings by John Piper
  • On 40 years of ministry by John MacArthur
  • Naturalism by Phillip Johnson
  • A Life History by J.I. Packer
  • Eldership by D.A. Carson
  • and many, many more…

Load up your iPod on this stuff!  There is a ton of helpful insights into the Christian life.  Just skim through the topics and find someone you want to hear, or a topic you want to hear about.  Download (for free!) the audio and then turn it on while you stand in the 45 min. line at the post office to mail your taxes in.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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