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Reading Scripture

Too often, when we open our bibles to read, the words of Scripture come across like a monotone preacher.  This is NOT because they are written this way, but because we lack the enthusiasm (and sometimes the understanding) to grasp the riches of what is being conveyed.  The words seem cold & lifeless…and they resound only for a short time in our hearts before fading away with the clamor and more luring tones that await us in the car, on the computer and in the store.

The solution?  Come to Scripture with enthusiasm & expectation.  It is a living Word.  It’s a fire and a sword.  Read it as such.  To be reminded of this great truth, listen to Ryan Ferguson recite Hebrews 9-10.  (This was recorded at the WorshipGod06 conference in Maryland.)  I think you may never read the book of Hebrews the same again.


Thanks to Fide-O for highlighting this clip.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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