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The Guy on the Corner

If you were in Temecula today around 5:45pm, you may have seen the guy with the guitar on the corner of Margarita and Winchester.  I actually shut off my audiobook and rolled down my windows to hear him.  There he stood, playing, shouting and singing…  The sum of his message = We’re a bunch of atheists.  Don’t buy into Satan’s apples "cause they’re full of worms."  Turn to Jesus.

Okay…the delivery and method are not what you’d probably call the most effective.  He may even need to grow in his compassion for the spiritually dead.  BUT let’s consider what about him s worthy of imitation:

  • Are you willing to quit being silent and speak up about the gospel to those who don’t follow Jesus?
  • Do you seek out areas where non-Christians are (e.g., the Promenade) in order to witness?
  • Are you ready for your personal evangelism to cause the demise of your prestige at work or your popularity in the neighborhood?
  • Are you okay with people despising the messenger (you), in addition to the message?
  • Do you sacrifice personal time to evangelize the lost?

I know very little about the guy on the corner.  I’m dubious that his method is useful for much more than the hardening of hearts.  YET…I’m convicted by him as well.  Are you?

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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