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The Cost of War

Not our war on terror….or our war on Iraq…

But the war between Israel and Lebanon.  Joel Rosenberg published quite interesting information on the cost of war to those two countries.  Here’s some of the data (as of five days ago):

159 dead. 2,015 injured (over half from shock).
500,000 displaced.
Approx. 3,970 rockets fired at them.
Cost of War:  approx. $11.3 billion
Tourism down 20%. 
600 acres of forest burned.  6,000 acres of grazing land burned

1,152 dead.  3,700 injured.
700,000 displaced.
Rocket arsenal down by roughly 25%.
Cost of War Damage:  over $2.6 billion (and expected to rise as more assessment is done)
15,000 housing units may have been destroyed

Browse his article to learn more.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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