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Book Review: Managing God’s Money

Book Review: Managing God’s Money                         

blogMost Christians know at least one thing the Bible says about money: we’re not allowed to love it (1Timothy 6:10, in case you’re not familiar with it). Well, I have a problem. I love to spend money. I don’t know if that means I love money, but I do love spending it, especially on me! Our book of the month is working on me. It’s called Managing God’s Money, written by Randy Alcorn. It is really good at explaining what God wants you to do with HIS money that He has given you to manage.

The book is divided into six sections that will help guide you to the part where you would like to focus. However, I recommend that you read the whole book from beginning to end, and then go back to the sections where you need the help. Alcorn’s first section lays biblical groundwork for all that follows as he takes you through the Bible to help you develop a proper outlook on money management.

The table of contents is especially helpful when you are ready to look for answers to your specific situation. With every chapter you will find all of the subtopics that will be discussed, usually in the form of a question. For example, here is what you will find in chapter 17, titled “Questions and Answers about Debt”.

What about borrowing to buy a house?

 Should we have and use credit cards?

 Should we pay all debts before giving money to God?

 How can we get out of debt?

With this type of detail, you will be able to quickly find information that you need. You will find this book provides you lots of valuable information. But do yourself a favor and read through the whole book first so that you will understand why he gives the advice that is offered.

You notice that he deals with the subject of debt. He also talks about saving, investing, giving, and more. How about retirement planning? One chapter that most of you will not want to miss gives you advice on how to teach your children to manage their money and possessions.

Here are some other questions that are asked as subtopics that will catch your attention (or they should catch your attention!).

Is it possible to follow God and make money?

What’s wrong with wanting things?

How do we keep money and possessions in perspective?

What if we can’t afford to tithe? (a whole chapter that talks about tithing)

Is gambling okay? (oh, oh!)

Is it really God’s money, or does it belong to our children? (inheritance time!)

I came away from this book recognizing that I like to spend a lot of money on me and my kingdom. Those chapters on materialism were painful! I should be spending more on God and His kingdom. Have you ever heard of affluenza? It’s worse than influenza! Alcorn will tell you about this “killer disease” that many of us have caught and are passing on to our children and those around us.

This book has provided Christians with solid, biblical advice when it comes to our money. Whether I like it or not, I am God’s money manager. The question I should be asking is this: How am I doing with managing God’s money? It’s easy to read, though you may find it difficult. Why? Because his advice goes against much of the way that we now live. And putting it into practice will not be the easiest thing you have ever done. But if it is your desire to live according to God’s will when it comes to handling money, then read this book and make some changes.

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