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Reflections: Heaven

Like many other things in life, our perspective of heaven is often (wrongly) shaped by the secular world around us. This was something that guest speaker Jack Hughes pointed out during his sermon on Sunday on Luke 18: 28-30.

I have to admit that I am not above being influenced by what the world says about heaven. Even though I know better, the image that comes to mind is that of clouds, harps and other cultural depictions of heaven. When I think of heaven that way, it is hard to imagine giving up ANYTHING on the list that Jesus gives—house, spouse, brothers, parents, children—and be happy with receiving heaven in return.

Heaven, though, is nothing like what the culture tells us it is, which is what Jack’s sermon illustrated so beautifully. Instead, heaven is a place, as Jack said, that we exchange suffering for glory, enjoy fellowship with angels and other believers and, most importantly, we SEE JESUS.

My mind can’t fully comprehend what it will be like to finally see my Savior face to face. One thing I do know, however, is that I won’t question the worth of any sacrifice that God asked of me on this earth. I don’t question that because I know the depths of my sin. I know that I deserve hell because of it. God gave His ONLY SON as a ransom for me, and because of His sacrifice, I can have fellowship with God—a fellowship that is everlasting and perfected in heaven.

The reason heaven is something I look forward to is because of WHO is there, not WHAT is there. The “light, momentary” troubles of this life will fall away to reveal the full glory of God, and I finally get to stand before Him blameless, without sin. What greater blessing is there?

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