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FBC Vision: This is Why…

The main passion of FBC is to see God glorified by people coming to Christ in salvation and becoming more like Christ in sanctification.

This process orbits around God’s Word and dependence upon God’s Spirit. People can’t turn to Christ to be saved without hearing God’s Word, and people can’t grow to be more like Christ without submitting to God’s Word, empowered by God’s Spirit.  Another way of stating the passionate drive of FBC is that we want to be USED OF GOD TO MAKE AS MANY PEOPLE LIKE JESUS CHRIST, IN THE SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE.

This is why we have begun an evening service, so people in another region of our valley (and our people who can’t come on Sunday) can hear God’s Word the way God wrote it through His apostles, in order to come under the authority of the Word in every area of their lives, to become more like Christ in every way. We are praying people turn to Christ and grow to be more like Christ.

This is why we have begun seven RMG’s, so that the great commission of GOING, BAPTIZING and TEACHING people to obey all that Christ has commanded us, [aka, MAKING DISCIPLES] is being passionately PURSUED by our family.

This is why we are funding an effort to get on five high school campuses in our area, so that lost students can hear God’s Word and hopefully respond to the gospel, then grow to be more like Christ in the context of a local church family, pursuing Christ together.

And this is why we are paying off some property near Clinton Keith and I-15, so we can later build a base of unrestricted operations in order to pursue this goal of having our God be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth in this valley, in our state, in our country and throughout the world for His glory.

It is so great to be a part of a family that is passionate about the same things!
May He receive all the glory!!

Author: Chris Mueller

Chris is the teaching pastor at Faith Bible Church - Murrieta.

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