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Away in Uganda

For the next two weeks, John & Scott will be away in Uganda, preaching on the authority and sufficiency of the Bible, while also leading bible studies in 1 John at a pastor’s conference.  We’d both greatly appreciate your prayers for:

  • us personally — this list has great ideas on how to pray for us and anyone else serving in ministry
  • our time together to be edifying and full of joy
  • our families (Beth & Abby will be up in Seattle with family)
  • the Ugandan pastors at the conference — that the Spirit of God would do a MIGHTY work in the lives of these men through the power of His Word
  • us to be an encouragement to Shannon & Danielle Hurley
  • Scott & Shannon to get some good planning & strategizing done on establishing a school in Uganda
  • Scott not to get sick (well, John too on this one!)

The conditions we are headed into are very remote.  I’ve been told that even cell phones don’t work in most of the areas we’ll be.  (Cell phones are the prevalent means of communication in much of Africa, instead of the land lines we have in the U.S.)  So…  for as long as we have cell services, Scott and I will be pushing out short updates via txt message.  There are four ways to read them:

  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Check my status updates on FacebookI won’t be able to accept new ‘friends’ after today, so this will only work for people already connected to me on Facebook
  • Get them via RSS using a feed reader — Google Reader is great if you check lots of blogs
  • Regularly check the FBC homepagethere’s a side column that lists our updates

Choose whichever one you’re familiar with.  Amazingly, all of these options are coming through the Twittr service, and will auto-magically update as I’m able to send out text messages from my phone.  What a world we live in!

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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