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Making Up Lost Time… (part 2)

Okay.  Continuing to make up for lost time, here’s some links around the web that are worth checking out…

  •  If you’ve wanted to adhere to a bible reading schedule, Logos
    Bible Software has published a free tool to help you do just that. 
    It’s the "Global Bible Reader" — I particularly love that they offer the M’Cheyne schedule.  I’ve never succeeded with that one, but I’ve always felt it was the best!  Smiley
  • If you’re a "Christian Music Only"-type person, please do not
    continue reading this bullet…  If you’ve continued, then you should
    really watch "What If the Beatles Were Irish?"
  • If you have kids that surf the web and you’re not using some sort
    of parental control on the Internet, you should be.  For younger kids, Glubble seems like a really great one!  As one site said, "Rather than make a futile attempt at blocking everything bad on the
    internet, it uses a whitelist of sites that are ok for kids to see. It
    brings together a community of parents, allowing the user to set a
    pre-defined white list and even use the whitelists of other users."  (NOTE:  Glubble does require Firefox or Flock (alternative web browsers to Internet Explorer.)
  • This next one is now dated, but still worth reading.  CJ Mahaney has GREAT suggestions on how to redeem the SuperBowl (or any televised sporting event).  Oh, and here’s a good one on how to use a remote control effectively  (by one of CJ’s son-in-law’s).
  • Last but not least (for this post)…I need to make sure that you’ve watched Tim Hawkins’ "The HomeSchool Family" video.  Brilliant.


Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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