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A Special Opportunity

Guest blogger today = Rick Horio. He actually doesn’t know it, but he’s a friend so he won’t mind. He posted this yesterday on his blog and it’s worth restating in it’s entirety…

Based on my limited dealings with people regarding abortion, it is
apparent that most people who are pro-choice don’t have a conviction
for being pro-choice. They tend to be for choice because "no one can tell me what to do with my body." As Christians, I believe that we need to have a conviction
for fighting for the unborn. Not just being pro-life and having a
belief or opinion, mind you. I’m saying that if you are a Christian,
you need to have a conviction to stand up and offer a voice for those
who will otherwise go unheard. This can happen in a number of different

I recently got an e-mail from
(I am on the mailing list) and was made aware of a unique ministry
opportunity. As it turns out, a family has come forward and offered to
match, dollar for dollar, every donation that comes in this month, up
to $10,000. The only "catch" is that the match is for first-time donors.

if you have never donated to this very important ministry, please
prayerfully consider giving this month. Even $5 (which would become
$10) will help. Unlike the big monsters like Planned Parenthood who
receive government funding, Abort73 is a very grassroots organization,
with barely enough resources to pay 1 1/2 to 2 full time employees. In
fact, they are currently in the red. They depend entirely on donations.
And yet, clearly, God has been blessing the work done. It’s amazing to
see just how much God can do, in the face of perceived insurmountable odds.

just in case you were curious where your money would be going, there’s
no need. The entire operating budget for 2007 can be found on their website.
They believe so much in what they do that they don’t want anyone to
wonder how their money is being used. How awesome is that?

If you can, please donate. Here’s the link to do so.

My name is Rick, and thanks for reading.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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