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You may not have realized it but, back in early June, a small cadre of volunteers descended on the Temecula Matsuri Festival to staff a face-painting booth and show the love of Christ at a Japanese cultural event.  Julie Fujii coordinated and organized a team of kabuki face-painters, with Don Lee as the artist-in-residence.  It was a fantastic event and multiple opportunities came up to talk about Christ and also to tell people more about Faith Bible Church.

Below is a thank-you from the Matsuri Festival.  Because we had to collect tickets for face-painting, we ended up with a fundraising check from the organization.  We are going to give about 20% of that back to them for next year’s event and the rest will be used by Kaleo (FBC’s college-career group) for community ministry.  [If you’re wondering why Kaleo received the rest, it’s because people from their ministry comprised the vast majority of this year’s volunteers.]

If we’re given the opportunity to participate again next year, you should consider volunteering!  Smiley

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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