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Books for Kids

Finding new & interesting books for kids often results through conversations with others.  The degree of apprehension or enthusiasm about a certain book/series depends greatly on who you heard about it from.  Rarely are children’s books discussed online (apart from reviews)…

So it is with interest that I learned yesterday about The Children’s Hour — a blog dedicated to providing "comments and recommendations for books for reading to children, particularly books on the bible, history and good fiction."  Here’s a link to their RSS/XML feed, if you use a reader.  The blog is written by a pastor named Ray Van Neste, who started it out of the realization that there were so few resources for Christian parents to use in finding good books for their kids.  His reviews aren’t always long, but they seem generally helpful and may point you toward a few good books that you’d never heard of before (including some he found in Scotland).

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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