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The Danger of an iPod Church

Al Mohler posted a very insightful article on the effects of the iPod, the car stereo and the Walkman have had on our culture.  The genesis of the article has to do with the usage of ‘canned’ music in the world and in the church.  From that starting point, he makes a number of keen observations on the contemporary worship experience and where things may be headed.

Of particular interest to me was: "Church members, especially the young (and especially young
males), have so little experience singing or participating in the
production of music in any form that they know only how to listen, not
to sing.
"  As one of the 98% of all husbands who’ve watched ‘Pride & Prejudice’ with their wives (multiple times for most of us, I think), it is striking to consider how music in the home was a prevalent form of entertainment in days long gone by.  With the invention of the tin foil phonograph by Thomas Edison, music in the home began its change from what it was to what it is.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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